About Us

Welcome to Ideal Kids !

The school offers kids - oriented education and has sufficient extracurricular and co-curricular activities to provide happy environment full of enriching experiences. We strive to develop competence, a sense of identity and compassion among kids. Our goal will be ever widening in times to come. The school staff comprises of well qualified, experienced & motivated teachers, co-coordinators and supervisors, who strive for the emotional, social and intellectual growth of each kid.

Mission & Vision

Empowering every child. To create responsible global citizens. All-round development of the individual child.

Provide maximum exposure. Inculcating passion for excellence. Focus on learning modern methods and techniques.

Ideal kids gives your child a platform for overall developments and general awareness. Your ward learns good habits, culture, moral values along with routine studies and exercises, because we believe "EVERY CHILD DESERVES A BRIGHT FUTURE"

The mission of Ideal Kids is to provide quality education to each and every student . We wish to give a spark of success to the students which they can set on fire in their life to come."


The concept of The Ideal Kids is based upon the All–round Development of children; which means, along with elevating them academically, giving them consistent, measured, monitored & quality sessions of not only Personality but Intellectual, Creative & Emotional Developments as well. This will develop them into brighter, more aware, responsive & creative teenagers; which will indeed form the basis of their overall wholesome development for their competitive futures.